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Formerly known as Shaheen’s Adirondack Inn, Trailhead Lodge by Weekender has been serving guests for over 40 years. Recently renovated to become the first “smart hotel” in the Tupper Lake area, Trailhead Lodge looks forward to providing guests with the perfect Adirondack basecamp for many more years to come!

One of our core values here at Trailhead Lodge is stewardship—over our hotel, over the precious Adirondack Mountains, over the Earth, even over our guests’ treasured experiences—and we take pride in being planet-friendly in all we do, while still offering all of the modern and fun-filled amenities you’ve come to expect from Weekender. From our energy-efficient lighting and appliances to our repurposing partnerships to distribute gently used furniture and linens, to our water conservation efforts, and everything in between, we are constantly on the lookout for ways we can serve guests and Mother Nature in an eco-conscious way.

So come on out: enjoy a springtime hike, a summer concert, fall fishing, or winter at The Wild Center. Trailhead Lodge and the Tupper Lake region offer everything you need for the perfect Adirondack vacation.
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As a proud member of the Weekender family, we look to inspire the next generation of travelers through adventure! We’re here to empower you to explore your passions and connect with the world and those around you more deeply. Experience the energy, the emotion, and the nostalgia of enjoying a true, relaxing weekend—no matter what day of the week it is! Our dedicated concierge team is excited to help you create the visit you want; reach out today to curate the perfect Weekender travel experience.
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314 Park Street
Tupper Lake, NY 12986
Phone: (518) 359-3384

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